Sunday, 20 February 2011

Winged Messenger

Playing with a few effects, about 3 hours in PS:


  1. Nice one Nick :)
    You are preparing your reel for the Hobbit don't you? ;)

  2. Thanks guys!

    Philippe - You bet! ;)


  3. Wow this is a superb concept! I love the textures.. do you mind if ask what brushes you tend to use for your concepts?

  4. Thanks Art! I tend to keep my brushes fairly simple, hard and soft round, and a few texture brushes that were from a set created by the amazing Maciej Kuciara. They are most likely still floating around, a quick search will probably find them for you if you are interested, although I only use one or two the vast majority of the time.

  5. I think your work is astounding, very nice style :) Concept Art is something i'm greatly interested in, but im still a novice lol. Congrats on getting into Double Negative!

    - Jess

  6. Fantastic work Nick, I also found your showreel from 09, I really enjoyed it too!